Silence broken, I suppose. There have been some seismic shifts in my universe in the past few months and I am grateful that things have lined up for the best. I’ve been grappling with who I am and what I want to do and who I want to be. Making scones and kombucha and bad … Continue reading May

Human being

“’Human being’ is more a verb than a noun. Each of us is unfinished, a work in progress.” – Rachel Naomi Remen The deck overflows with plants, sun sinking into the sky behind me, and I cannot remember when I last felt so content. According to the Danish, consistently ranked the happiest people in the … Continue reading Human being

What I’m Currently Reading

A few days ago, this article was posted by The New York Times. It’s a really interesting piece on something I’ve been thinking about frequently and deserves a read – even if it is on your smartphone. Continue reading What I’m Currently Reading

Another Thunderstorm

There are days when I question the point of what I am doing. I curl up at home, amazed that I have transitioned into the adult world and can support my own wants and needs, wondering about the point of saving and planning ahead, delaying the enjoyment of right now. And yet, I align myself … Continue reading Another Thunderstorm


Feeling sick in the summer has always been a little disconcerting to me. Colds happen for me at least once a summer and I can never quite understand how that works exactly. The world has continued to spin daily here in the District, seeming to gain momentum. There’s been a great shift in daily life … Continue reading Recalibration