GOOD Challenge: Concert for a Cure

GOOD Challenge: Concert for a Cure

Just in case you’re wondering where I’ve gone…

The summer has gone by exceptionally quickly! I don’t really know what happened but I was on the beach relaxing with friends and all of a sudden I’m almost done with my internship! I’ve been working hard scheming, brainstorming, interviewing, and planning for the year ahead. The honors project on religious beliefs and the medical system is well underway and I’ve even had some time to think about the student organization on campus that I help lead, Medicinal Melodies. MM started as a crazy idea almost three years ago and now is one of the most successful (and most awesome) student organizations at Mac. Our mission? To spread music to those in need of healing in the Twin Cities. 

We’ve recently submitted a proposal to GOOD (, one of my favorite websites!) to fund us to have a mega benefit concert for the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge just down the street. Hope Lodge houses cancer patients undergoing treatment who live far away from the hospital for free so their treatment can be easier, more comfortable, and hopefully, more successful. Hope Lodge is one of our favorite places to perform and we hope you vote for our submission from August 9th – 23rd!! 

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Banana Bread

It’s almost been six weeks since I’ve gotten back from Morocco and I’m not entirely sure what I’ve been up to since then. Although I attempted to give academics another shot this semester, I’ve had trouble cracking a book, and I think that’s okay. This has really been a time of both physical and mental … Continue reading Banana Bread